One-of-a-Kind Guided Walks

Hi! I’m Jarrah. I’m the fella who's behind Tasmania's newest and most unusual guiding company: Wild Wombat Walks.

I’ve become aware that all the guided walks available on this beautiful island are very similar, if not exactly the same, tours to chronically overused and commercialised destinations.

Wild Wombat Walks breaks this mould. Based in Waratah, on the edge of the Tarkine Wild Place, we provide bespoke services and a range of day and overnight walks which are low-impact and well-priced.

I hope my guests will come from a diverse range of people: 8- to 80-year-olds, those who have heard about the Tarkine and want to visit this amazing Wild Place, and people who can’t afford $4500 for a 6-day Overland Track walk.

“Bespoke" means handmade. Pick where you’d like to walk (ancient rainforests, the stunning west coast, wild buttongrass moorlands, towering eucalyptus forests, or any combination you desire), how many days you have, and an idea of your budget, and WWW will do the rest.

Each season, Wild Wombat Walks will have a selection of 6-day walks to choose from. For 2018, they are:

  • Philosopher’s Falls 
3 Hours Return on Track
Moderate Fitness Required

  • Bett’s Track 
3 to 5 Hours Return on (Overgrown) Track
High Fitness Required

  • Whyte River/Corinna 
4 to 6 Hours Return on Track
Low to Moderate Fitness Required

  • Mount Donaldson 
6 to 8 Hours Return on Track
Moderate to High Fitness Required

  • Whyte River Tunnel 
3 to 5 Hours Return on Track
Moderate to High Fitness Required

  • Mount Pearse 
6 to 8 Hours Return off Track
High Level Fitness Required

Day walks will depart on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays every first, second, and third week of the month. The price is $150 per person, with a gourmet lunch included.

I’m going to offer something REALLY different too. I’m going to guide a small group, no more than six people, into the wilds of takayna / the Tarkine. Off-track. No destination. A journey.

Every other walk that you can do with a guide in this vast country is from Point A to Point B. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the Larapinta Trail in the Red Centre or from the Kia Ora hut to the Windy Ridge hut on the Overland Track of Tasmania. They are all from one defined location to another.

The Destination Free Adventure that Wild Wombat Walks offers is not like the above examples.

We’re going to drive maybe 20 or 30 km out of town and pull over where it’s safe. From here, we’ll consult the map again, make the final decision as to which direction we’re going to be heading, load our backpacks, and set off into the wild. For three days, our little crew will be relying upon our navigation skills and negotiating the vegetation as we wander deep within the Tarkine’s ancient forests.

These walks will depart once a month, every Thursday of the fourth week.

There are two options: A three-day and a four-day journey.

The three-day option costs $1000 per person, with all meals included.
The four-day option costs $1250 per person, with all meals included.

I have a selection of hiking gear for rent. If you have your own, you’re welcome to bring it. If you need gear, please contact me, and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements.