Discover the Wonders of takayna / The Tarkine

Imagine you're heading into the bush … being driven along the last road you'll see for a few days … with a group of people you've only just met. Another tour… another forest.

Then, the walker next to you says "There! That one! That valley down there!" The bus stops, the guide says "Yeah, why not? Anyone object?" 

We all get out and spend the next 20 minutes examining the map and working out who knows how to navigate and who is about to learn. After the 20-minute mapping and navigation introduction, we shoulder our backpacks and set off into the bush, following a bearing. 

No track.

No campsite will greet us in 7 or 8 hours.

The prospect of getting tangled up in horizontal scrub is high.

No known or reliable source of water.


  • Destination Free
  • Off-Track
  • Exploration

  • No Set Campsites
  • No Established Route

  • No Minimum or Maximum Daily Distance
  • No Expectations!!!

These walks are different, as you may have gathered from the above. No tracks, no routes, no destinations. I want to offer everyone the chance to truly discover the Wild Place that is the Tarkine/takayna. This will be the first time anyone has ever offered this kind of walk—a walk where the group decides where we go!

The landscape and the vegetation will determine our route, and our destination will remain, for the most part, a mystery. Until we decide that the day is done…

When was the last time you were REALLY adventurous?