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Each season, Wild Wombat Walks will have a selection of 6 day walks to choose from. For 2018, they are:

Philosopher’s Falls

3 Hours Return on Track

Moderate Fitness Required

Philosophers Falls is the most popular of the short walks around Waratah. Following the route of an old tramway before switching to the banks of a water race, this track takes about 3 hours to walk along a well-maintained, mostly level route to the falls that are about 30 m high and flowing most of the year. 

The vegetation we will walk through is a Gondwanan-aged, cool temperate rainforest, the dominant forest type of much of the Tarkine/takayna and the wetter, western side of the state.

A “medium” level of fitness is required to traverse some muddy or wet sections, exposed routes, and occasionally very uneven surfaces. As with all tracks, if you are at all worried about your fitness, contact Wild Wombat Walks office and we will assist.

Bett’s Track

3 to 5 Hours Return on (Overgrown) Track

High Fitness Required

Commencing on buttongrass moorlands and descending into ancient rainforests, Bett’s Track follows the route that miners used to get to a number of workings in the locality known as Wombat Flat. This track once allowed two riders on horseback to pass one another. These days, it is a “route” largely overgrown in the 120 years since miners were active in these parts.

A “high” level of fitness is required. The track is almost completely overgrown so we will encounter waist-deep “scrub” for most of the route.

Whyte River/Corinna

4 to 6 Hours Return on Track

Low to Moderate Fitness Required

The most gentle of the walks on offer for this season, the Whyte River walk follows the course of the Pieman River from Corinna, one of the surviving remnants of Tasmania’s short-lived Gold Rush in the late 1870s. Huon pines grow along the banks of the river, one of the most northerly occurrences of this very slow growing and incredibly valuable tree.

A “low” to “medium” level of fitness is required, with the entire route being on a well-maintained and well-graded track. Some wet or muddy sections are possibly present and there are two sets of steps to climb.

Mount Donaldson

6 to 8 Hours Return on Track

Moderate to High Fitness Required

Mount Donaldson, located about 20 km from Corinna, is the only walk we offer which is not in ancient rainforests (apart from the first 200 m). Beginning in a patch of drier, eucalyptus forest, the track gently winds its way uphill through a buttongrass moorland, passing the remnants Tasmania’s only diamond mine. 

The summit affords spectacular views over the Pieman, Savage, and Donaldson river valleys, the extensive Wild Place of the Meredith Ranges and west to the coast and Norfolk Ranges. Although this walk is entirely on track, a moderate to high level of fitness is required. Half the walk is uphill and the track is often wet with many loose rocks to be negotiated. A walking pole is recommended on this walk.

Whyte River Tunnel 

3 to 5 Hours Return on Track

Moderate to High Fitness Required

A relatively easy walk on a four-wheel drive track, down to the site of one of the more outlandish mining operations in the Tarkine back in the 1880s. Rather than spoil the surprise, come with Wild Wombat Walks and hear the story from your guide! The way is through both rainforest and buttongrass and is for “moderately” fit people as the hill in (and out) can be a challenge!

Mount Pearse

6 to 8 hours return off track

High Fitness Required

The only day walk on offer which does not follow a defined path, the Mount Pearse walk is along the northern “spine” so finding our path is easy. The mountain is the dominant feature of the eastern side of the Tarkine/takayna and the summit affords spectacular and absolutely wild views of the Mount Ramsay Rainforests to the west and the Cradle Mountain World Heritage Area to the east. 

A “high” level of fitness is required for this full-day walk. It is not on a defined track so most of the track is rough and nonexistent in places.